This starting hand calculator does not compute odds, but is rather a tool to recommend how to play your starting hands. This unique Limit Texas Holdem Starting Hand simulator was originally developed with the playing strategies of poker pro Matthew Hilger based on his Starting Hand Chart here.

To get started, simply select your starting hand, then your Position – Situation and then click Process to see what your move should be!

Starting Hand Calculator Instructions

To begin, click on one of the two playing cards to bring up the deck of cards for you to select your starting hand.

In the Postion – Situation: drop down box, select your position on the table along with the action that occurred prior to your turn.

Now, click Process to find your Recommended Action.

The Recommended Action will give you our suggestion on how to play the hand. If the Recommended Action is to Call 1, or Call 2, or Call 3, etc – this means that your move should be to call if there are 1, 2, or 3 callers ahead of you. Note that the number DOES NOT include the initial raiser, but just the callers after the raiser.

This Starting Hand Calculator was developed for Limit Texas Holdem and is not completely accurate for No Limit Texas Holdem. While some of the recommendations and underlying concepts will still translate to no limit, be aware that you should not rely on this tool for no limit play!

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