Writers & Contributors

Matthew Hilger aka mchilger

Matthew is the owner of Dimat Enterprises, Inc. and Dimat Online, Inc. Dimat Enterprises is one of the premier poker book publishers in the world that is publishing some of today’s best poker books.

Matthew has written three best-selling poker books: Internet Texas Hold’em New Expanded Edition, Texas Hold’em Odds and Probabilities, and The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success co-authored by Ian Taylor.

Matthew has also written many poker strategy articles which you will find on the site, and they are a great place to start developing your poker skills.

Ian Taylor aka Piemaster

Ian is the brains behind The Poker Mindset: Essential Attitudes for Poker Success, co-authored with Matthew Hilger.

Ian “Piemaster” Taylor is a professional poker player and writer and a popular Member for the poker forums here at ITH. His articles have appeared in a number of websites and publications, mainly focusing on poker psychology, variance, and emotional control.

Ian received a degree in economics from the University of Warwick in 1999, completing a thesis on risk tolerance and gambling. He worked in the IT sector for a number of years before embarking on a professional poker career.

Ian lives in Essex, England,with his long-term girlfriend, Rebecca and their pet cat. When not playing poker or writing, Ian enjoys football, soccer, and reading.

Troy Headrick aka BernardDogs

Troy’s earliest poker memory is from the eighth grade when he lost a $30 pot to some high school kids in an unfortunate Acey-Deucey incident. He didn’t have the cash to pay the pot, but was thankfully fronted by a friend who didn’t charge any juice. He has since learned about the skill games and has played on-line Hold ‘Em since the early days of PartyPoker. Troy mostly plays Sit-n-Go tournaments and Multi-table events, but lurks daily in the limit discussions on ITH as he hopes to improve that side of his game. He makes steady “extra money” each year, is thankful for a solid and regular home game with a great group of guys, and remains fascinated by the sociological components of the game.


Bohemian is a poker enthusiast from Canada and posts under the name “Bohemian” on the ITH forums. He has been playing poker on and off for over 10 years. Bohemian has a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in relational psychotherapy/psychology and philosophy.

“I found the ITH forum to be a great place to improve my game. Unlike other forums, the majority of ITH members are very friendly and helpful. If you want to work on your game, and join one of the fastest growing poker communities in the world, then this is the place!”

John Harper aka icfishies

John is a professional poker player who plays the highest stakes available online, the $100/$200 limit ring game on PokerStars and the $80/$160 on UltimateBet. Three years ago he was a novice player losing thousands at online poker and about to call it quits. Things turned around for him and now ITH gets the benefit of his insight into the world of high stakes online poker. He currently makes his living from poker, sports betting, and securities trading and is willing to share some of his secrets in all three areas.