Rush Poker – The Fastest Poker Game in the World!

Full Tilt Poker has launched their Rush Poker platform and to say it is intense is an understatement. This new poker format is designed to minimize your wait time between hands and keep you in the action. You’ll join a large player pool and face a different table of opponents every hand you play. When you fold your hand, you’ll be rushed to another table for a new hand right away. Even the quickest running turbo SnG or Tournament cannot keep pace!

Oddly enough, you can ratchet up the speed even quicker by using the Quick Fold Button and move to the next table as soon as you make a fold decision.

Players can play Texas Hold’em [both Fixed and No Limit] and Pot Limit Omaha High. Games are available in full-ring and heads-up formats as well. Although there is a tab for Omaha H/L, Full Tilt has not added these types of games yet. Players can also play multiple tables.

Here’s How to Find a Rush Poker Game

Full Tilt Rush Poker can be found in both the Standard and Basic View format lobbies. You can also see it in Classic View, but it will forward you to Standard View to access the games.

Full Tilt Standard View 
Set your browse filters to Rush Poker, Hold’em, No Limit [or Fixed, etc] and then the stakes you wish to play for. Your game list will be populated with Rush Poker games to choose from:
Full Tilt Rush Poker Lobby 

You can sort the game list by categories such as number of players, average pot and hands per hour. When you’ve found the Rush Poker game you want to play, double click on that game to enter the Rush Poker lobby. You can also access a Rush Poker game by using the Rush Poker Lobby Widgets available in Standard View:

Full Tilt Rush Widget 

In Basic View, you can find the Rush Poker tables by following the example below:

Full Tilt Basic View 

How do I play Rush Poker?

After deciding which limit and game to play, double click the table as you would in any regular room. The game will open into a new screen. Get started by clicking the Join Now button at the top right corner. This will open your Rush Poker table, where you’ll be able to choose your buy-in amount. When you’ve chosen your buy-in amount, a three-second countdown will take place before you join the game. When you join a Rush Poker game, you’ll enter a large player pool and be seated at the first available table.

You’ll post the big blind when you first join a Rush Poker game. After that, the player who has gone the longest without posting will be the big blind for that hand. Posting of the small blind and other seating positions are randomized for each hand. While playing a Rush Poker game, standard ring game rules apply. When you fold your hand, you’ll be moved to another table for your next hand.

How do posting blinds and seating position work in a Rush Poker game?

You’ll post the big blind upon joining a Rush Poker game. After that, the big blind is assigned to the player who has gone the most hands without posting it. If there is a tie for who has gone the longest without posting, the big blind will be chosen randomly among the tied players. All other seating positions, including the small blind, are completely random from hand to hand.

When the table is full, a new hand will begin.

Quick Fold

To play even faster, use the Quick Fold button at the bottom of the Rush Poker tables:

Full Tilt Rush Poker Quick Fold Button

When you Quick Fold, you’ll be taken to the next table immediately – even if the action hasn’t reached you yet. Players at your previous table will not see that you’ve folded until it’s your turn to act. Please note that when you press the Quick Fold button, the action cannot be undone.

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