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Thread: WPT-PCA Day 2

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    WPT-PCA Day 2

    Toronexti will be starting day 2 with 63700.

    I can't seem to find a schedule for the event online. Is Day 2 starting on Sunday?

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    Play begins on Friday, January 5th with the first flight, Day 1A. There will be a second flight on Saturday, January 6th (Day 1B). All remaining players come together on Sunday (Day 2) and each day following until the final 6 players are filmed for the WPT show on Wednesday, January 10th

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    Have it your way!
    Very well done Toro! Looking forward to your updates tomorrow!

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    Loading up Day 2 with Krazydust!

    GO TP and TORO!!

    I am so proud!!


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    Best of luck to the both of you!

    (I hope the allow deals at the FT when you two play HU )
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    I think a random snapshot of the chip counts on the Stars blog (in order) may give a little indication of the scale of this tournament (and give you an idea of what a 75k stack means):

    Paul-Ambrose, Steve --76700
    Negreanu, Daniel --76600
    Williams, David --76300
    Rinaldi, Claudio --75800
    Taylor, Paul --74400
    Edit: For those of you who don't know, Taylor is our man.

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    wow, mega effort, in their with the mega stars.

    Keep it up TP "I find myself in near complete agreement with Fatshaft on this subject" - nsidestrate

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    The full chipcounts for Day 2 have been posted.

    Tall Paul is sitting 49/444
    Toro is sitting 74/444

    Both are obviously in great shape. I think average stack is about 45k (too lazy to do the math). The median stack is 36,400

    They should have just started Day 2 about an hour ago.

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    I'm going to move this to general temporarily.

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    Awesome stuff lads. Give em hell
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    I found the math. Average stack is 42k

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    Payout structure posted. 180 places pay. 444 runners remain. I assume we'll get into the money today.

    Top prize 1.5 million, second place is 800k. I assume Tall Paul and Toro will work a deal once it is just the two of them left.

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    argh i think TP phoned me but i was in the car and he didnt phone back so i guess im to blame for the lack of updates :*(
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    Bad Jock.

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    Go guys go!!!!!!!!!!
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