I haven't a clue. I'm seeing some of the worst play ever. I was having an up and down MTT in the Bovada $500 "Deep Stack" [$3K in starting chips].

Don't get me wrong. This isn't a rant session. This is a "how the heck did you get your monster chipstack?" session.

We're down to about 18 players when I get AA beaten by J9o and find myself on a 4.5BB stack. Very next hand I'm in the BB with J2, getting ready to shove or call a shove at this point. When everyone including the CL folds. Well thanks! Over the next hour as we move closer and closer to the final table, my stack is fluctuating between 4BBs and 10BBs. I'm pushing most of my playables hand but decide to let 33 go when the CL raises and the LAG behind me is still to act.

I'm 9th in chips with 11 still left when I lose AQ to 99 and find myself on a 3BB stack and 53s in the BB with the smallest stack. Then the bewilderment starts. Everyone folds. Over the next 10 hands I get AA, QQ, JJ and AKs and all of a sudden find myself in 3rd when the FT bubbles bursts, me having knocked the two players out.

Shortstack pushes his roughly 2.5 BBs and gets 3 calls and loses. I'm still in 3rd. I get KK. Small stack limps, CL limps and I raise from the CO. Folds to small stack who pushes. CL flats. I decided to push here. My thinking was to isolate the small stack. If he has an A and one comes I can easily absorb the hit and drop down to 4th or 5th with about 20BBs left, but if CL has an A and it comes, I'd be out, so I was trying to incentivize a fold here.

CL calls anyway.

And turns over AA.

Small stack has K2.

Yikes! I finished 8th?!?

Yup. Flop came 229.

Can't wait to play again, lol.