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Thread: 'nother Pechanga tournament

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    'nother Pechanga tournament

    Pechanga runs a series of 'open' tournaments with guaranteed prize pools. I played one last night. Starting player count was 302... I final tabled (my third final table in my last 4 tournaments there; Pechanga really is good to me in that respect), busted 7th when I went completely card dead and kept running into hands.

    Nothing really big to note for the tournament. I got lucky once with AQ vs KK on a Q-high rainbow flop, rivering an A. That's the only time, other than my last hand, that I ever got my money in when I was a big dog.

    7th paid out $1290, so not bad for $100 buy-in

    I'm trying another one today... slightly higher buy-in, but the field should be about the same. Wish me luck

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    you rock . . . 3/4 FT's is awesome

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    You are the man! Great job. I guess you have to settle for cash, now that your ME seat is sewed up.

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    Heh, yeah. This particular tourney was just a cash tourney, not the WSOP seat. I'll try to win that one again this month

    I played again today and busted the second round (they had a $150 buy-in today). I've never had so many second-best hands in my life. Set over set that I actually got away from on a 4-card mono-board, then flush over straight, then I busted JJ vs KK when I was short.

    Oh well, still 3/5 not so bad. I'm trying to ride this rush as much as I can.

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