The Vent, Rant and Rave Forum is a place for all ITHers to come and share their badbeat stories, painful losses or gut-wrenching eliminations from tournaments. It is also a place where the ITH players can come to revel in their victory or enunciate their latest wins. Some come here only when feeling the cold fingers of poker rejection. Others come to take solace in other people’s misery when they are running bad themselves. Still others come to offer words of encouragement. Because, whether you believe it or not, every last one of us, have had these feelings before, and will probably have them in the future.

Whatever the reason for your posting, reading and visitation of the Vent, Rant and Rave Section of the ITH Forums, I would like to set guidelines and etiquette for posting here. I know from my own personal experience that when I come here to post, I am not always in the right frame of mind to do so.

· Links to poker sites supporting other affiliates are not allowed.
· Links to other affiliate sites are not allowed unless you have received prior permission from MCHILGER or SANDSSTORM.
· ITH members will refrain from posting SPAM at InternetTexasHoldem.
· Soliciting for "refer-a-friend" referrals is not permitted.
· All posts should remain civil at all times. Abusive behavior and foul language will not be tolerated.

· Remember that players of all levels, limits and abilities are members of InternetTexasHoldem. A 10BB loss on a hand for a player of $0.25/$0.50 who is playing on a $150 bankroll is as important to that player as a 10BB loss for someone playing $15/$30 on $9000 bankroll.
· Refrain from using expletives if at all possible. Posting such things as s**** or f****, are much better than posting the actual words themselves. Also, refrain from using expletives from foreign languages. Despite ITH using English as it’s operating language, foreign expletives may offend speakers of that language.
· Go out of your way to protect the identity of other players. It is perfectly understandable that player ‘X’ just administered a bad beat upon you and you are angry. It rises to a level of unwarranted vindictiveness to post that player’s poker screen name. This could lead to embarrassment for that player. This player may one day become a future member of ITH.
· Do not ridicule, embarrass, or belittle members who have posted in the Vent, Rant and Rave forum. Verbal abuse of the members of ITH is not welcome here and may lead to being banned from ITH.
· Constructive criticism is always welcome at ITH, and especially here at the Vent, Rant and Rave forum.

Remember. There are many reasons for ITH members to use the Vent, Rant and Rave forum here at InternetTexasHoldem. Whatever your reason for visiting this forum, I welcome you and request that you please act within the guidelines and etiquette set forth.

Hope to see you at the tables as well as at InternetTexasHoldem.