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Thread: bad beats

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    bad beats

    I have two beats that just p.m.o., first was under the gun 4/8- I have 2500 chips left, I bet 2000 player across from me calls, big blind thinks and calls for 1200 more. I understand pot odds and all that "s", but big blind wins with 7/2 off=suit. It hurt! Next week I have Queens I raise 3 times, now the flop is A--no continuation because of the A, then T. J.R.J- player to my left goes just about all in. I fold, because in my mind to early in the tourney! I need some hands to hold up, oh well maybe this week...

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    Ouch, that hurts, but keep your mind in the right place and play solid poker - it'll work out!

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    yeah I wouldn't worry too much - making the right play is the thing I worry about most and I think you did on both occasions
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