Placed 11th out of 850+ on UltimateBet's "Sniper" tournament

Was around 5th in chips with 11 left when my AJo ran into A2s and they hit their flush on the river.

Had maniac chip leader to my left w/ 5 at my table which was the absolutely worst position for me to be in as stealing was put to a hault as he would re-raise me everytime I attempted a steal on his blind, or anyones blind for that matter. Finally had enough and decided to put him to the test with my AJo and was in great shape when I saw his hole cards...until the river!

Have a few hands I'm going to try and post if I get the time to be reviewed. I'm pretty sure I played both very poorly which could have been a turning point in the tourny. Both hands were when there were 11 or 12 left. Could have been potential double-up situations for me.