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Thread: 50 Tournaments - 46% ITM

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    50 Tournaments - 46% ITM

    While I realize this is too small a sample to mean much it's been a pretty good run.

    In the last 50 tournaments I've played (in a row at UB) I ended up ITM in 46% of them.

    The majority are $5 buy-ins with a few $10.

    35 are 10 seat single table SnGs, 15 are MTTs with 877 being the largest field. None were rebuys and none were turbos.

    MTT ITM% = 46.67% with a 2nd as the best finish.
    SnG ITM% = 45.71%
    Combined ITM% = 46.00%

    MTT ROI% = 377.48%
    SnG ROI% = 19.76%
    Combined ROI is 145.52%

    I placed in the top three 17 times (combined tourneys):
    1st: 6
    2nd: 3
    3rd: 8

    In the 15 MTTs I final tabled in 4 of them.

    I haven't played as much as I would like to be able to so it took me over four months to play these 50. My latest was an MTT on the night of the 14th where I finished 8/232. Total number of hands are 5,172.

    I was also able to play three MTTs at Bodog in Jan. No PT HH so they can't be input with the above. But by notes taken:
    My MTT ITM% = 100% with one final table, finishing 4th.


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    Congrats, Pigpen! Definitely a nice run going there...if you can keep those results up over another 100 MTTs or so, I'll be PM'ing you for lessons!

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