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Thread: 2nd in Stars $11 MTT + 3 final tables

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    2nd in Stars $11 MTT + 3 final tables

    My biggest cash so far: 1015 runners, $1,400 payout. This was a 10 minute blind tourney, similar to the Sunday 100K.

    Big thanks to Pizza and Toro, who happened to be on IRC while I was navigating the final table (Saturday night.)

    This has been a superHOT time. In the last 10 days (18 tourneys) I have also final tabled three UB $1 rebuy tourneys (about 350 runners each) and won a PS million seat. My OPR numbers have been creeping steadily upward.
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    Way to go DeNile!

    Hopefully you conitnue to roll along.
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    Great job !

    I'm confident we'll see more good things from deNile.

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