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Thread: 1st MTT 1st

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    1st MTT 1st

    After posting a few months earlier stating how i could never convert an ITM to a decent cash, i have not only made my first final table..but went on to win

    It was a $2 rebuy at everest with 200 odd players, 1st paid $390. I know it's not that big but hopefully i can convert this result to a larger pay day down the track. It has double my online BR!!!

    This come just days after recieving my FGO courtesy of ITH, 4 brand new no-limit books. Imagine the results after i get past the intro. Thankyou ITH!!!


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    Congrats on your win. It's a great feeling winning one. Hopefully it's the first of many

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    Congrats on your win and on doubling your BR! Hopefully there are more to come.
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