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Thread: 1st in MTT on Absolute Poker

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    1st in MTT on Absolute Poker

    After 6 1/2 hours I ended up with the win in the $3 re-buy ,$8000 guarantee tonight (tourney # 1931429). 860 entrants
    I was below average in chips at the 1st break and played pretty tight most of the way. I had to get very lucky on two occasions to stay in the game - once my suited KQ made a flush to beat KKs and then my QJ overcame KQ (both all in pre flop with me a short stack). I was fortunate to play on tight tables a lot of the way and get dealt reasonable opening hands which helped my confidence in blind stealing. I did have a couple of hiccups along the way losing with AAs in a three-way all in against KQ clubs and 55 when the board delivered 3 clubs and a 5!! Also AT beat my AQ and AJ on two other occasions but luckily I was the bigger stack in each case so I survived.
    I really liked my play over the last three tables where I was selectively aggressive (short handed) picking up a lot of pots uncontested. I think I was third going into the final table of nine many of whom were short stacked so I didnt have to wait long for the table to thin out.
    Heads up lasted quite a while, we started out about even but I knew I had good chances when he folded his small blind frequently. My strategy was simply to raise his BB x 3 most of the time as he went very passive and seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to play back strongly. He did reraise on a couple of occasions but not enough to stop the rot as I just let him have it and went back to raising. I also occasionally folded the small blind as I didn t want to seem to be pounding on him too much. I had him quite short when he played back at me with TT pre flop (I think we only saw two flops!). I called with A2 suited in spades which I considered a mistake as I didnt need to gamble at that point - I was winning chips easily. His win put us back to even and I had to start again. Whether I could have ground him down again is a good question as we were both getting tired. I eventually dealt him a fatal blow when he had a slight lead in chips. I called his raise with QT of diamonds and we got all in on a KQT flop , his K -rag did not improve and he never got back into it losing the final hand with JJs against my 84 (I was suited)
    Sorry if the post is a bit jumbled as I am still buzzing over my win (biggest cash to date, 2nd biggest in terms of field size).
    It is obviously long but if anyone wishes I could post my tourney hand history - whats the best way to do that?

    Oh btw I am $2226.31 richer
    And there he was......gone!

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    Wow very well done. Nice cash!
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