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Thread: $10+1 Second place finish

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    $10+1 Second place finish

    Crypto Network, $800 Guaranteed. $10+1. Players 91
    Top Prize: $273 Second: $182

    Just missed taking this down. Had the better end of a coin flip to win it all. My pp vs his unsuited overcards, dodged the flop and turn and the river completed his gutshot straight). I probably should have waited to for a higher pair but I didn't.

    After that I had 20% of the chips to his 80%, managed to get to 33% 66% when he called my allin with K4o and won (he was a 60:40 favourite so it was a good call on his part )

    I'm a little bummed at missing the top spot *sigh* but I'm trying to make myself be happy about the result. I'm sure I'll be happy about it tomorrow.

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    Nice one Spew, you seem to be running hot at the Cryptos!
    "These aggro donks do that all the time... they take more risks than Wall Street Bankers." - ChrisJP

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