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Thread: 45 180 man sng

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    45 180 man sng

    sorry for my english.. ok i have some questions, its early stage of tournament and all players have about 1.5k stack i hold ak or maybe aq and i raise to 200 ,1 call, flop i hit nothing but i bet 3/4 pot ,he calls, on turn i hit again nothing so i check and my oponent goes allin ,i fold, i lose 1/3 of my stack , i am playing good or bad in this situation? and how to play this situation when 2 players calls my raise preflop? and another question is with blind stealing ,is it good to call allin with a2 when players are pushing allin i am big blind and he is near me ;D i dont know how to say this position.. 3 position ,small blind, big blind he is on 3 position, or maybe someone could say what books would answer my questions ? i realy whant know everything about stacks ,stealings , how to calculate and odds maybe where is a book about what i am talking sorry for my english.. i just whant to be better player

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    If its early in then you need to call becuase if you fold like you said you lose a good amount of your stack.

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