I know Bullajami has [or is] reading this quartet of novels by George R.R. Martin with his 5th installment yet to be released. Any others?

I've finished A Game of Thrones and am about 20% through A Clash of Kings. I'm pretty sure I'll finish the quartet by year's end. I'm reading a few history books and poker books simultaneously.

My question is, what are some of this forum's favorite fantasy series [I want to try to steer clear of single excursion, unless the book is really well written]. I've read:

Everything J.R.R. Tolkein
All of Robert E. Howard's Conan novels.

Don't be shy. I'm a geek D&Der so most fantasy is within my scope of experience.

I will tell you, I am going to try and land the complete Thieves' World anthologies and novels.

So, start providing me with some good ideas!