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    Obstacle races are big business over here too. The first one I heard of was Tough Guy, which BD came across to do some years ago. I've just re-read his report... and it still sounds pretty unpleasant. The newer ones don't appear quite so extreme.

    I keep thinking the market must be saturated, but new ones keep cropping up. More than anything, I'm alway amazed how they manage to get staged in some spectacular locations. If I owned a country manor, they'd have to pay a pretty hefty sum to put an obstacle course in the gardens! Actually, now I mention that...

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    I had entirely forgotten about that thread. I'm glad you linked it. I still think its insane! The one described there appears to be more challenging that the ones I've heard about locally.

    Running is becoming ever more popular here, but those types of races attract even people with no running background. In truth for most of the local ones, running isn't terribly important.

    There was a guy who got paralyzed in a local one. He sued the organizers, but it turned out that he hadn't actually purchased an entry to the race and was running on someone else's bib. He got nothing.

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