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Thread: Insanity Diaries

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    The neck thing dragged on for three days. I can't warn you enough about the dangers of sleeping.

    Tonight I made my return to the tennis court. The wrist feels ok, so hopefully that's sorted. I was hitting like shit after 3 weeks out, but was rather pleased with my fitness. We played for 2 hours, a mixture of drilling and points started with a feed rather than serve. This makes everything much faster, and you hit probably 3-4 times more balls than you would when playing sets, plus longer rallies. At the end I felt pretty much like I do after an Insanity warm up; fresh as a daisy compared to the other bloke. I've lost a little court sharpness from not playing, but there were also a handful of sprints for short balls where I either ran it down, or would have if my anticipation had been better.

    So return to the court and returns being seen. Nice.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 22 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

    Not a good start this evening, and really not in the mood for a workout. Still, it was the same story last time around, and that resulted in one of the best sessions so far. It wasn't to repeat itself though, and today was a real struggle. I just about made it through Pure Cardio, stopping a lot more than before. I didn't follow it with Cardio Abs; there really wouldn't have been much point.

    I think I'm very much a person who likes routine. When I was full on last week, I was fairly motivated. 3 days off, plus a day playing tennis and mentally I wasn't overly keen to get back to it. I guess I'll have to try to remain more regular in the future. Protein shakes seem to help with that...

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 23 - Cardio Power and Resistance

    Apathy is our enemy, people. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were all spent sat on my big fat (ok, fairly pert and firm) arse because I was 'too tired' to exercise and figured if I tried it would go the same way as Monday. Yesterday I played tennis, and was flying: running down every ball, visibly fitter than my opponent, a 6-4 6-4 winner and with the knowledge that if we'd gone to a third set then I would have owned it. And it made me really angry, because there's a reason I'm like that, and if I keep slacking off then I'm going to lose that advantage. No, I want more… I want to be the fitness daddy and run all comers off the court.

    Today was Cardio Power and Resistance, and whilst I wasn't in tip top form you can bet your life that I pushed on through. One thing I'm noticing is that I may dip a bit in the middle, but by jove I'm going to finish strong. And when that was done, I did the Cardio Abs that should have been part of the last workout. And now I feel like I'm in control again, and it feels fucking good.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 24 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

    For the first time, I felt a tightness in my left calf and a grumble from my right shin during the warm up. I tape my shins when I'm playing tennis, but haven't done so for Insanity - they usually only cause pain when I'm sprinting forward (which you actually don't do that much in tennis. There's a lot of lateral movement). Something to keep an eye on, though both settled down after a few minutes.

    At the start of these workouts I assumed they'd get easier over time, yet every day I end up in a sweaty heap on the floor. The trick, of course, is that you do get better, but just end up going harder, faster and longer. Which I'm told is what every woman desires, so can't be a bad thing.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 25 - Cardio Recovery

    Still bossing the tennis court (that was yesterday). Felt decidedly spritely after 2 hours drilling plus points and tie-breaks. My right shin is being an arse though - must go and foam roll it in a minute.

    Cardio recovery was pretty welcome today - there's only so much the body can take. I'm getting a it better at holding some of the stretches, but it might be a little too optimistic to think I'll ever do the lot without breaking.

    In an attempt to cut back on the orange Clubs, I find myself eating Minstrels tonight. Supermarkets should be banned from putting offers on certain food.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 26 - Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs

    Had a very strong session. Funny how much difference a few days can make…

    Day 27 - Plyometric Cardio Circuit

    …and a real struggle with the circuits. A properly bad workout, my legs felt solo heavy and were difficult to lift. Funny how much difference 24 hours can make…

    Day 28 - Rest Day

    Spent most of the day asleep.

    And that's the end of month 1. A little whimper to finish with there. Today I'm supposed to be embarking on recovery week, but have woken up with a snotty nose. This is something of a surprise. I used to have a snotty nose pretty much all the time, living with some form of permanent cold that refused to go away. Fed up with it, around Easter 2011 I started taking a multivitamin, and bingo - you can't believe what it's like to suddenly breathe properly again. Since then, the only illness I've had was a full-on bout of man-flu when I returned from snowboarding this year, but I put that down to a.) too much alcohol, b.) too little sleep, and c.) not taking the vitamins with me. I'm hoping this turns out to be just a little sniffle and buggers off as quickly as it came.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    Day 29 - Core Cardio & Balance

    Super hacked off with this stupid cold-ette or whatever the fuck it thinks it is. It's been almost 2 weeks now, and that's 2 weeks too long. I've played some tennis in the meantime, but am nowhere near as sharp. Anyway, it seemed slightly less of a problem today, so I launched into the week 5, which is the recovery week.

    I'm due to do the same workout 6 times in a row. The familiar warm-up is missing, but you're going slow so it's not an issue. He keeps emphasising that you're not supposed to feel burnt out at the end, so I think this really is just a week to keep momentum and not stop completely. It's around 40 minutes long, and curiously he explains some of the moves to you: moves you've been doing without real explanation for the past 4 weeks. I wonder if this workout was filmed first, and he then forgot what he'd shown and what he hadn't. I kept pace fairly comfortably for 20 minutes, then my legs turned to jelly. It was one of those really odd moments where you think 'woah' and kind of lose it. I gave myself a minute and tried to join in again, but they were just shot. As I've got another 5 of these scheduled, I thought it best to stop there before doing any damage - that, and because I'm back on the tennis court tomorrow.

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    Re: Insanity Diaries

    I shit you not, I've had this virus for over 3 weeks now. It's a fucking pathetic virus too: not man enough to take me out, but enough to make me feel a bit crap. I haven't exercised in any form for a week, and it doesn't seem to have helped. I'm on the courts tomorrow, but the Insanity plan is on hold for the moment. Hopefully we'll be rebooting sooner rather than later.

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    With a bit of time on my hands, I've decided to have another round of this. Last time, I only got through the first month. The plan this time is to do it in the morning before breakfast, and then double up if I have any other sporting activity that day.

    No idea how long it will last. Reading back, it's been a long time since I ate an orange club.

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    Three days in, and I'm liking exercising before breakfast. It would be really easy to slip into bad habits at the moment, so it's quite nice to have something to structure the start of my day. I'm looking to get up somewhere between 7 and 8 - not early by any stretch, but early enough not to piss away the day. I'm doing it at the moment without an alarm, unless you count the kids next door. Today will be the first day I go to play tennis on top. It's worked out fairly well - she's one of my more relaxed hitting partners, and the Insanity workout tomorrow is Cardio Recovery, which was one of the less exerting ones.

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    I finished this today. The second month is hella tough.

    Shame Pauli isn't around any more. I think he'd have enjoyed it.

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