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Party Poker offers a wide variety of cash game options and is well known for some of the loosest cash game poker tables on the internet. Many players who have become very good players online have gotten their start at Party Poker. Since the Party Poker pull-out of the American market following the UIGEA, Party Poker’s cash games have taken a hit with regard to player traffic. However, their traffic is still rather large making Party Poker the fourth largest online poker platform.

Texas Hold’em

Fixed Limit Hold’em

Party Poker offers Fixed Limit Hold’em in stakes ranging from the micro-stakes of  $0.02/$0.04 through the nose-bleed stakes of $250/$500. Players have access to full-ring, 6-Max and heads-up tables. Players can play speed tables with reduced reaction times and automatic blind posting in limits from $0.05/$0.10 through $3/$6. Players may also play on Party Poker’s Jackpot tables within the $0.50/$1 to $15/$30 limits.

No-Limit Hold’em

No-Limit tables flourish at Party Poker. Players can find buy-ins ranging from NL2 through NL5000. Full-ring, 6-Max and heads-up tables are all available. Speed game table are spread at NL2 through NL600 for those players who wish to play a faster paced game. Players who play NL25 through NL600 can find jackpot tables.

Pot-Limit Hold’em

Party Poker offers Pot-Limit Hold’em in stakes from PL25 to PL2000. However, most of their traffic is found at PL50 or lower. Games are offered in full-ring and 6-Max games only. Players can find tables disallowing disconnect protect to avoid players who with to game the system. Party Poker does not offer speed tables at their Pot-Limit Hold’em games, but they do offer access to the Bad Beat Jackpot in stakes ranging from PL25 to PL600.

Bad Beat Jackpot Tables

Party Poker offers a Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat Jackpots will be paid out on the real money Hold’em games available titled [i]Jackpot[/i] under the Cash Games tabs. Four or more players must be dealt into the hand. Players sitting out do not qualify for the jackpot. Party Poker will take $0.50 each raked pot ($5.00 pot minimum) as a Bad Beat Jackpot rake. A jackpot is hit when a player with four 8s or better is beaten. The best hands of both the winner and the loser must include their hole cards, and the hand must go to a showdown. Half of the amount will go to the loser of the hand (the bad beat), 1/4 will go to the winner, and 1/4 will be split between the other players who actively participated in the hand (they must have been seated).


Fixed Limit Omaha

Party Poker has Omaha High and Omaha Hi/Lo tables in a Fixed Limit structure. $0.50/$1 to $30/$60 stakes are spread with a majority of the traffic at $0.50/$1 limit. Players have access to full-ring and 6-Max tables. Speed and Jackpot tables are not available.

Pot-Limit Omaha

Party Poker’s Pot-Limit Omaha High and Hi/Lo traffic is decent with the best traffic in the High-only tables. Stakes spread range from PL25 through PL5000 with games running consistently as high as PL2000. Full-ring and 6-Max tables are available, however, speed and Jackpot tables are not.

7-Card Stud

Party Poker has a small amount of 7-Card Stud traffic at their tables. 7-Card Stud is offered in Fixed Limit only, but is offered in High-only and Hi/Lo venues. Players can find stakes between $0.50/$1 through $30/$60. Only full-ring 8-person tables are available for play. Most of the traffic is found at the $0.50/$1 tables. Neither Speed, nor Jackpot tables are available.

Beginners Tables

New to poker? Now you can hone your poker skills on Party Poker’s [i]Beginners[/i] tables.

Please note: Beginners live game tables are reserved for new real money players only. New real money players can play on these tables for 45 days after they have set up a real money account.

Games and stakes offered for beginners:

Game: Texas Hold’em

Limits: $0.05/$0.10, $0.10/$0.20, $0.15/$0.30, $0.25/$0.50, $0.50/$1 and $1/$2

No-Limit-Blinds: $0.02/$0.04, $0.05/$0.10, $0.10/$0.25 and $0.25/$0.50

When you are logged in to your Party Poker account, just go to the main Lobby. Click on the [i]Real Money[/i] heading and then select [i]Beginners[/i]. The large window in the center of the lobby will display the tables. You can then choose a table and start playing!

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