Players around the globe have the opportunity to get up to $1,000 for free when they make their first deposits at BlackChip Poker. Simply sign up using our links, and enter the BlackChip Poker bonus code 1000FTR to get your initial deposit matched 100% up to $1,000.

Using the Black Chip Poker Bonus Code

To take advantage of this bonus, click on our links, which will bring you to the BlackChip Poker signup page. Fill out the form with your personal details, and enter 1000FTR into the field labeled “Bonus Code:” as shown in the image above. Then when you make your first deposit, 100% of the amount will be added to your account as bonus, up to a maximum value of $1,000.

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Clearing the BlackChip Poker Bonus

When you pay cash game rake and tournament entry fees at BlackChip, you’ll get 5.5 Award Points for every dollar you thus pay. Whenever you hit a 27.5 Award Point interval, another $1 of your bonus funds will clear. You’re thus getting 20% cash back while this bonus is active. You can receive this money into your account by clicking on “Click Here to Redeem” in the bonus section of the poker software. This means that you can convert your bonus funds into real money every single time you earn another dollar of bonus if you want. Keep playing for 60 days to unlock as much of the bonus as you can. After this timeframe, the remaining bonus will expire.

The poker site uses the weighted contributed methodology for assigning rake to the players at a table. This means that you’ll be credited with paying an amount of rake proportional to the amount of money you put into the pot. This type of calculation favors action players and penalizes nits, who fold too often.

For instance, let’s say that you play a hand at $.50/$1.00 6-max, which reaches a total pot size of $60 and is therefore raked $3. You put in $25 of this pot, and the player on the button also put in $25. The player in the small blind added in $9 to the pot, and the big blind folded preflop, contributing only his $1 big blind. The calculations for attributing rake are as follows:

You: Put in $25 of $60 = 0.4167 of the pot * $3 rake = $1.25 weighted contributed rake
Button: Put in $25 of $60 = 0.4167 of the pot * $3 rake = $1.25 weighted contributed rake
SB: Put in $9 of $60 = 0.15 of the pot * $3 rake = $0.45 weighted contributed rake
BB: Put in $1 of $60 = 0.01667 of the pot * $3 rake = $0.05 weighted contributed rake

As you can see, the total rake contributed by everyone adds up to the $3 actually taken from the table. By using weighted contributed rake for bonus clearing purposes, BlackChip rewards people who generate action and excitement at the tables instead of folding all the time.

Other Rewards for Depositing at Black Chip Poker

When you add funds to your BlackChip account for the first time, you’ll gain entry into one or more $250 freerolls that run on Saturdays. You’ll be able to play one of these events every week during the calendar month in which you make your deposit, and the maximum number of them you can qualify for is four. If you ever redeposit to Black Chip later on, be sure to check out the promos page to see if there are any reload bonuses you can use. Free money is free money whether it comes with your first deposit, second deposit or tenth deposit.

To learn even more, check out our BlackChip Poker review which covers details on the software, traffic, deposit options, and VIP program.

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